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Hydrux® Water Blaster V4

Hydrux® Water Blaster V4

☀️ Perfect Summer Companion

🧒 Safe & Kid-Friendly

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Precision Power

Enjoy unmatched accuracy and reach with every burst, thanks to our expertly engineered nozzle design.

Easy Refilling

Quickly draw water from nearby sources by pushing the trigger forward, keeping the fun going without manual interruptions.

Perfect Summer Companion

Ideal for hot summer days, pool parties, and beach outings, the Hydrux water blaster brings endless excitement and refreshment.

Why Hydrux®?

  • Extended Range

    Hit targets from impressive distances with a range of up to 45 feet, ensuring you have the upper hand in every water battle.

  • Safe & Kid-Friendly

    Designed with safety in mind, Hydrux® is suitable for children, offering hours of safe and enjoyable play.

  • Great Gift Idea

    Surprise friends and family with a fun and versatile gift that stands out. Perfect for birthdays, holidays, or just because.

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What age groups is the Hydrux suitable for?

Hydrux water blasters are fun for everyone ages 3 and up! Adult supervision recommended.

How long does the charging process take?

On average, it takes about 30 minutes for a full charge and about 20 minutes for a 70% charge.

Do I need to replace the battery or is it rechargeable?

The battery is rechargeable. A USB charging cable is included with every blaster.